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Creating memories for families by sharing information relating to children and parents with regard to activities, products, school, home and more.


Converting D6 modules to D7

I'm going to try to document my experience with converting the advuser module from D6 to D7. There are many changes to consider with many hours of work to do.
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The Porch Swing

I remember visiting my grandparents house where she had a nice porch swing just waiting to be sat upon.
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Excited about the new look

I am excited about the new look of the site. I will be looking for new information to add. I have enjoyed redesigning the site.
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Upgrading from Drupal 4.7.3 to Drupal 6.10

This site is using software from I started with Drupal 4.7.3 and the site ran fine for years. I then decided to upgrade to the latest Drupal versions.
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Long Vacation Trips

Karen and I have been lucky when it comes to taking the kids on a long trip. Karen was smart when Jonathan and Andrew were young to be creative in entertaining them with new gifts they could play with. To mark the event time for the gift she chose crossing the state boarders as the time for the new gift. This kept the boys busy and eager to enter into the next state. Now that the boys are teenagers we still take long trips. They now know how to entertain themselves with their own toys. The boys either listen to CDs, watch DVDs or play games on their Gameboys.
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Chef Boyd RD: Easy Does It Garlic Bread Sticks

Bread sticks go with pasta dishes and when you don't have any you have to invent. Garlic bread is must when you have spaghetti at our house; it is demanded. So, I came up with this simple recipe.
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April showers then comes flowers

April is fast coming to a close and as usual there has been abundance of rain. The saying goes "April showers brings May flowers" so we should have flowers galore. Well I have lots of yellow little Dandelions that'll soon be white with seed in my yard. Seems people do not like those Dandelion flowers much because we spray and sprinkle to get rid of them. There's the clover that have blue flowers that honey bees like to grab the pollen from. Seems people do not like those clover flowers to much; that same spray and sprinkle kills them too. And then comes the hay feaver season when the ragweed is out in bloom; what a rush to get indoors that season is. April showers then comes flowers we don't want because we really like to cut green grass.
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Medical: The H in ADHD

My son Andrew has a medical condition labeled ADHD. The H part of ADHD is one that drives many parents, including Karen and I, nuts and causes lots of anguish and distress. The H in ADHD causes my son to grab, pinch, stand up, jump around, shout out, become easily frustrated, be annoying, etc. Controlling the condition with just the right dose of medication is tricky. Too much and he becomes too lathargic and too little and he gets into trouble at school.
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News: More MenuFoods Stories

One of the saddest stories in the news recently has been the tainted pet food story. I have just created a forum forum to discuss and to let pet owners tell memorable stories about their pets.
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Expatiation: Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time never saved me any daylight.  There were weeks of preparation for the new start date for this 1 hour leap in the day.  The pretending that this saves us anything is most ridiculous.  I for one actually lost time instead of saved it.  In the IT world, every computer needed patched to start this DST earlier than it had the year previously.  The "Energy Act of 2005" was really signed into law so that every corporation could spend money updating its computer systems.  Supposedly the world will save the use of our precious fossil fuels mearly by changing when we start DST.  The fact that DST only changes our body clocks in relation to the Sun rise is beside the point.

I work for a corporation that is commerced globally.  In the global economy we are quickly moving to no such thing as a time zone or daylight savings time.  Countries such as India that do not observe daylight savings time cause my day in daylight savings time to shift one hour along with the spring forward in time.  The people in Bangalore are 10.5 hours ahead of where I live.  So when I have a meeting at 8:00 AM EST it is 6:30 PM IST.  That same meeting during DST is now 9:00 AM EDT but still 6:30 PM IST.

Because we are moving more and more to a global economy, because we are all working coordinately with one another all over the world, and because we all must stop confusing ourselves with what time is when and where, I foresee the day when the idea of time zones will disappear.  It will become 13:00 allover the world regardless of where our Sun is in the horizon.  I don't know when this will happen but I do believe that my sons will see that day in their lifetime.  Then the meaning of Daylight Savings Time will become historical and viewed as one of the more ridiculous ideas Benjamin Franklin developed.

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