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Preterm babies' guts harbor infectious microbes that can cause late-onset sepsis

Babies born prematurely are surviving in increasing numbers.
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Study: Infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on rise in U.S. children

Infections caused by a concerning type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on the rise in U.S.
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Scientists describe gut bacteria that cause sepsis in preterm infants

Researchers studying intestinal bacteria in newborns have characterized the gut bacteria of premature infants who go on to develop sepsis, a serious and potentially life-threatening condition caused b
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Study suggests that screening children for retinoblastoma may not improve outcomes for majority of patients

For the most common form of childhood eye cancer, unilateral retinoblastoma, shortening the time from the first appearance of symptoms to diagnosis of disease has no bearing on survival or stage of th
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Study examines costs linked with specific inpatient mental health diagnoses for children

Nearly one in 10 hospitalized children have a primary diagnosis of a mental health condition, and depression alone accounts for $1.33 billion in hospital charges annually, according to a new analysis
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Children treated with stimulants for ADHD experienced BMI rebound in late adolescence

​A new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that children treated with stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) experienced slower body
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Cork Block Stacking Toys Recalled by A Harvest Company Due to Choking Hazard; Sold Exclusively at

Small pieces of cork can break off the blocks, posing a choking hazard to young children.

More compassion, resources required to help guide treatment choices for congenital heart disease

Based on a survey of parents of children with congenital heart disease, physicians delivering the diagnosis need to do a better job of showing compassion, ensuring parents understand all their options
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Infant feeding and activity behaviors believed to increase child's risk for obesity later in life

Most of the parents included in a new study reported some infant feeding and activity behaviors that are believed to increase a child's risk for obesity later in life.