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chef boyd rd

Chef Boyd RD: Easy Does It Garlic Bread Sticks

Bread sticks go with pasta dishes and when you don't have any you have to invent. Garlic bread is must when you have spaghetti at our house; it is demanded. So, I came up with this simple recipe.
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Chef Boyd RD: Andrew's Peanut Butter Pizza Toast

I think most everyone knows how to do toast. Andrew loves pizza and he especially loves the Pizza Hut slogan on their box, "Dinner Tonight, Breakfast in the Morning". Andrew also likes peanut butter, spoonfuls worth are eaten. He sometimes has PB toast for breakfast. One day I cut the toast so that it looked similar to pizza shapes. Easily done by slicing vertically down the middle and then cutting each of those slices diagonally.
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Chef Boyd RD: Andrew's Roasted Garlic Grilled Cheese

Andrew loves to eat garlic bread and has been know to make his own toast with garlic on it. One day when fixing him tomato soup he requested garlic bread. I said how about grilled cheese sandwich, he insisted on the garlic, so ...
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Chef Boyd RD: Two Plus Two Pancakes

The kitchen can be a fun place to learn. One of my favorite hobbies is concocting recipes, some turn out really good, some turn out just so so and some well taste alright but desire the pleasing look. I hope you enjoy this one, the kids can help and you can make it a math puzzle if you wish.
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