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Archive - Apr 24, 2012

Girls' Jackets Recalled by Louise Paris; Waist Drawstrings Pose Entanglement Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Ross Stores

The jackets have drawstrings at the waist that could become snagged or caught in small spaces or vehicle doors and pose an entanglement hazard to young children.

Youth Jacket Recalled by PUMA; Waist Drawstrings Pose Entanglement Hazard

The jacket has a drawstring at the waist that has toggles and is not stitched to the back of the jacket.
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Telomeres can shorten at faster rate even at very young age

Children who have experienced violence might really be older than their years.
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Study finds better outcomes in VLBW infants born at RNE hospitals

In a study that included more than 72,000 very low-birth-weight infants, among those born in hospitals with recognition for nursing excellence (RNE), compared with non-RNE hospitals, there was a signi
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Nigeria's first-ever national Vaccine Summit addresses child mortality burden

Nigeria's top government officials, civil society leaders and leaders of private industry resolved today to join forces to expand vaccine access nationwide, a major step in the fight to reduce child m
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USAID's Shah urges cooperation to improve child health, survival

"Seeing a child die from pneumonia, diarrhea or a mosquito bite is simply unimaginable to most parents.
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Link between under-controlled temperament in early childhood and later compulsive gambling

Give me the child at 3 and I will give you the adult compulsive gambler.
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CDC Director calls for 'final push' to eradicate polio

"A 'final push' is needed toward eradication of polio worldwide, the U.S.
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Study finds high levels of cancer-fighting TRAIL in human milk

The benefits of breast milk are well known, but why breastfeeding protects against various forms of cancer remains a mystery.
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Rising food prices affecting efforts to reach MDGs for food, nutrition, World Bank/IMF report says

"Higher global food prices are hampering attempts to hit targets for food and nutrition," and "rates of child and maternal mortality are still 'unacceptably high' -- partly as a result of surging comm
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